And then I woke up…

School always told us not to end a story with and then I woke up. But in this story, it’s exactly how it happened. So.. and then I woke up… In Sydney airport. Dazed. Out of it. Hearing noise but not registering it. Shock. Excitement. Sleep deprivation. And the surprise I was back in the sunburnt country. 
Being greeted by mum and dad, Codys dad and his sister, I was probably out of it for the first hour at the airport, while we all caught up, and my mind caught up with my body. I came to in the car journey home. Still easily on edge of tears but that had been the case for the last 24 hours. It was a tear filled plane ride even though it was a smooth flight this time. 
What I noticed about Australia that I didn’t expect or remember from before: it seems so flat. I know it is obviously more mountainous compared to some places. But the houses being 1 level and it being endless with space makes it seem so flat. Houses also look 2 dimensional. And some houses I couldn’t help but laugh at as they literally look like a shed (to me who is used to tall multi level brick buildings). The 4 walls that make up the houses make it seem like it is only a 1 room house. 

I also lost my shit when I saw a public bus. I can’t remember what they used to look like. But I found them so hilarious and I don’t even know why. Blue and white and some strange shape- the whole combination has been funny to me. 

I think we recreated what Australia looked like, so what we think it was like isn’t overly accurate. For example me thinking it was flat, I think I imagined it being way more mountainous because my memory lagged and the imagination kicked in. Cody imagined Australia with more trees and is wondering what happened to them all. I’m also amazed at how yellow the grass is. Like I knew it was dry, but I didn’t realise it was this dry. 

The beach is even more beautiful then I remembered and the sunsets too. 

The feeling of driving and particular roads and corners is like a strange habit I remember but still feels new. Newcastle CBD looks way prettier then I remember and I am noticing more things then I did before too. 

Like mum and dad’s house. They have done it up since I’ve been gone and it looks so beautiful overall that the parts that are a bit older seem so much more obvious to me now then I ever thought before. Fresh eyes see even the smallest of things. 

The shower also has a different smell I notice. Like the water has a salty but fresh rain smell. 

People have the thickest of accents and all dress and look the same, aiming to show most skin off as possible. The fashion here is very different in that sense. I definitely don’t think Australians age that well, but the hole in the ozone layer over Australia wouldn’t be helping that. 

And poppi, well she still smells the same. And acts the same. And that’s probably the best part about it all. Being home and returning to my house that to me has always been a sign of love, support and family. It was so beautiful, because it still is like this, and I noticed it when seeing Poppi’s little basket of toys and her little set up and seeing just how loved she was and how lucky she is. It brought me to tears knowing she was in such good hands and that she hasn’t missed a beat. And it reminded me of me. She is so looked after, and loved and supported and that’s how my childhood was and how I was brought up and that’s how I had the confidence to spread my wings and do what I have the last 2 years. Now obviously poppi my dog isn’t going to be doing this. But seeing all this, with fresh eyes, and being home with my family, reminds me just how lucky I am. And yes some things have changed around the place, roads are different and prices have increased. But my parents love and my family, that’s one thing that’s still the same, and I think that’s the best dream to wake up to. 


3 thoughts on “And then I woke up…

  1. Great reflective piece! The tagline of my blog used to be “some things change, some things never do”. There is nothing like time apart to appreciate some of the creature comforts of home and the unconditional love of one’s family, most of whom have perhaps been counting down the days to your return. I hope your hometown treats you with many doses of sunshine and fun times ⛱ Newcastle is quite pretty!

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