Hustlin’ in Hoi An, Vietnam 

Hoi an was a pretty, tourist orientated place that we decided to chill out at for 4 nights. Our hotel had a pool and we had a giant room so pipi got her own double bed all to her self. Hoi an during the day isn’t that busy, and at night is when all the people seem to appear for the night markets and lanterns. It’s really pretty. 

During the day there is shopping to be done, tailoring of suits for cod and hassling to occur. The desperate sounds of “buy something” is most prevalent here. 

Even some markets say they are hassle free, but instead they just talk to you and explain a million times that they are hassle free, no bullshit and continue to bother you in this different way. 

Cody was able to get a suit made and a pair of trousers here for a pretty good price and a pretty handsome man somehow appeared even with all the sweat dripping. 

We rode around on bikes and I listened to Cody sing to himself most of the 5km to the beach and back. 

We had a fair bit of time here so it was nice to get massages and for Cody to spend some time painting. 

The food was pretty cheap and there were lots of restaurants. 

It was a happy place to be. Well at least we thought so. A French couple didn’t seem to think so, as the male got drunk and smashed his hand through the glass window at 2 in the morning one night while screaming at his girlfriend. Cody woke up to the yelling and went down stairs to have a look only to then watch the smash of glass and the blood pour all through the hotel. (Same same but different if you know some of our past holidays with friends in Europe….)

I’d say Hoi an is probably the prettiest tourist destination in Vietnam, other then Sapa, with the river in the middle and all the lanterns lighting up the night it was a pretty magical, peaceful place to BUY SOMETHING. 


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