Stealing left overs when your hungry 

During a day cruise along Halong bay lunch was supplied to us. Cody, being a big boy, was still hungry, despite there being many plates of food served to us. When everyone went upstairs to take in the view, Cody went back downstairs to scavenge through the cold left overs. 

I was upstairs, thinking Cody went to the toilet, but when he returned to me with a cheeky grin and breath reeking of the crab cakes; I knew he had a story to tell. 

Halong bay was definitely a highlight and was beautiful. But maybe it was like Cody- handsome man from afar but a fishy smelling silly man up close. Up close, Halong bay was highly polluted. The water is oil ridden and in some corners currents collect endless rubbish. When kayaking we splashed our hand in the water and it was almost like the water was dish washing detergent as it bubbled and foamed. We were told we were going to a “private” beach, without tourists. Except what we came across was a 10 metre sand bank covered in rubbish including syringes, viles and a tyre. I didn’t take photos there as I was pretty horrified and just trying to not take too much of it in. But in the long run it would have been good to share with you, the side effects of tourism I suppose. 

Instead here are pictures of the far away, air-brushed, pouting Halong.


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