Culture shock, family motorbike outings and meat slabs. Welcome to Vietnam!

We arrived to Hanoi Vietnam at about 6am after a pretty hectic plane ride. On the first 3 hours in to the 11 hour flight, the plane hit some turbulence and it felt like we dropped about 1000ft. People around us were shrieking and some even crying a little bit. This is something we had definitely never experienced before and the thought of an emergency landing or goodbyes did enter my head. (Corey I totally understand your fears of flying now). Thankfully it smoothed out and Cody and I were able to let go of our breaking hand hold. 
So after that pleasant experience and then not sleeping for the remainder of the flight, I was pretty tired. 

The last goodbye in London 

Pipi waiting to board her flight. 

Once in the taxi I relaxed and settled back into Asian traffic and the interesting things you see. 

Cody on the other hand didn’t settle. And then I realised it was his first time to Asia and the crazy traffic was new to him. 

He was clearly freaking out and sitting on the edge of his seat. His eyes were going 100 miles an hour trying to watch all the traffic and take in all the beeping, while I was sitting next to him half asleep. 

As Cody was thrown in the deep end to culture shock his animated face took in seeing the family outing on the motorbikes, the beeping to let people know where they were on the road rather then road rage, and the continual cutting people off that occurs. 

To top off this surreal experience, a lady on her motorbike drove past with a woven basket on the back. Inside the basket was a thick slab of meat the size of a table just merrily exposed to the elements. And that became my first highlight of the trip. 
That and when Cody later that night was trying to walk around a car, when the car I guess got impatient and decided to reverse. “I just got hit by a yaris” he said as we walked the crazy streets trying to guess when the best time to cross would be, and definitely not believing the green walking man. Coming from Europe, where jay walking is not a thing and even at 3am do the Germans still wait for their beloved ampel man to light green when there are no cars in sight- to here- where you say a quick prayer to whoever might be listening and hope you make the next 3 metres across the road. 

Well it is sure is a fun time and makes for a good laugh. 

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