The last weekend and 2 more sleeps.

Last weekend, on Sunday lunchtime the first of the goodbyes were made. Pete, Jess, Cody and I met Glenn, Ali and Oliver in Clapham for a tasting plate. Spending our last time in London with my UK family was fun and sad, all in one. They have welcomed me, supported me and cared for me the entire time I’ve been in London, and not only me, but Cody, Pete and Jess when they soon followed. The heart and love they have to share is incredible and so warming. I feel so lucky to have had the privilege to be apart of their family. So obviously it was a heavy hearted see you soon. And so the last week in London begun…

On Sunday evening we finished packing up our room and it was all in bags. The room felt empty and it actually made me want to move out immediately. The previous night we had begun the packing, and as Cody went to work I begun taking photos off the wardrobe, tickets and experiences that we had collected over the time. It was some heavy stuff so the packing was paused and wine was consumed. Seeing my shoebox full of cards from my kids that I had taught while being over here, and birthday cards from friends and family, I just felt so special and loved and so grateful for this amazing time and lucky for meeting the people I have along the way.

Seeing the room like that just made me ready for the next step, and that was moving to Pete and Jess’ on Tuesday night. Next came my last day of work on wednesday night, where my client and his wife thanked me for all my hard work and said I would make a great nurse and to definitely finish my studies.

This friday night gone, Cod and Jod (Cody and I) had our farewell event with our friends. It was held at the Antelope Pub where Cody has worked during his time in London and we were lucky enough to use the function room upstairs for free and have the event byo. So as you can imagine from reading only that last sentence, it was a big, boozy night. It was so much fun and lots of goodbyes were made. Friends we haven’t seen for months, or who live an hour or more away made their way to say bye for now. Memories were told and reminisced. Apart from Cody losing his phone in his drunken escapades, it really was a top night.

Saturday night came and it was Guy Fawkes weekend, so bonfires and fireworks were in need. Meg and Sam, who also had come the previous night and I met up, because we just have to keep putting the goodbye off. It was a nice relaxed fun night with the girls and my see you soons to Meg was made. Again putting off saying bye to Sam for another night.

Sunday was spent sorting out our stuff, catching up on sleep, and spending time with Peter. Which brings me to this moment.

Tonight, I say goodbye to my beautiful friend Rachael who I have travelled with to many places. Although from my home town, sponsorship looks like a possibility so her time in the UK might be for a while (lucky bitch).

Tomorrow Cody and I will say goodbye to London town and to Ben, Big Ben, who has been a fantastic neighbour over this past 2 years. Because we can’t put the goodbye off any longer, it will sadly have to be done with Sam tomorrow night.

And then Tuesday morning goodbye to Pete and Jess and we head for Heathrow airport where our next chapter will begin. Incredible adventures I’m sure are to come in Vietnam over the next three weeks.

So I guess the most asked question is ‘how do I feel about it all?’ and I really do wish I could tell you. But at the moment my head hasn’t caught up with my body. My body is doing the moving and actions and the emotion and thoughts aren’t really processing as much as I try. I am excited for sunshine and a rest in Vietnam. I am so so happy that it isn’t straight to Sydney from here. Because the flight to Sydney and that next chapter is happily 3 weeks away and I refuse to think about.

I feel so blessed reflecting back. And yes I know that might be a corny expression. But that is how I feel. Privilege to have met and spent time with the people I have whether it has even only been a few hours. Honestly every single person has impacted my time. It hasn’t been easy, as we all know, but together we have made it. Through drunken slurs or cards, I try to express my love and gratitude, but even still I don’t think people realise how honestly happy I am to have known them. Words just don’t cut it. So if your reading this, again please know, my heart is so so full. This is something that I have been searching for my whole life, and it was here in London that I found it with you all. I didn’t know what I was really looking for before I came over here, but all I knew, was something didn’t feel right, and coming here I didn’t even know if that would fill this odd feeling, but it SO has. And that is all thanks to you. I love you all so much and am so proud of you all. You are all such inspirations and never stop chasing those dreams. Because of knowing you, I will never stop chasing mine.




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