Let’s blame it on the full moon 

It’s not always happy camping over here. It might look glamorous because we travel so regularly and of course we live in London. 
But as many of my previous writings have said; finance, lifestyle and living in a big city does have its cons. 

Most recently though, I’ve been stressed for other reasons- and it’s not that my expiry date is surfacing. Well I guess it kind of is to do with that. It’s just not the emotional side of it this time. 

Instead, I’m surrounded by check lists floating through my head. On top of the already chaotic thought pattern of emotion of moving home. 

The list of need to dos, seemed endless. Especially when we are at minus 3 weeks. 

I was coping pretty well with it all I thought. That was until this week though. When tiredness from multiple night shifts, gluten in my body setting off world war 3, shark week and a full moon all end up dooming themselves on the one day- it meant my brains alarm went off and I was no longer able to keep it all together. 

A mix of anger, sadness, and overwhelmed mess came shrieking out of me- and unfortunately mostly at the direction of Cody, and then whoever else dared to message or go near me. (Sorry housemates). 

What’s that expression? When the storm passes the sun is beautiful or whatever else? Well yeah that happened. So after my matter resolved itself, the refreshing lightness that replaces all the built up emotion is so nice. My mind is finally clear to actually set out and do the things I’ve been needing to get done, im less exhausted, and I’m able to look forward to things (kind of). 

 I went through my stuff and created a pile of clothes, books and random things that aren’t wanted and aren’t coming home with us- we are letting them go, and I guess that’s what needed to be done with my mind. 

And on that note, it leads me to a paragraph appreciating Cody. Thank you Cody for putting up with my antics, mood swings and as a whole- me. You are the bestest friend, travel buddy, partner a jod could ask for. I love doing life with you, and I am very excited for our next chapter! (Ps you left your wet bath towel on the bed, not cool, you will have to move your name down on the behaviour chart for that one.) 


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