Friendships with Pipi

I met Pipi when I was 1. And we have been best friend ever since. This friendship is rare as it has lasted for so long. And this is a friendship without drifting. She has been my main girl for all the 20 years now. She has been the friend to stick by me. And although maybe sometimes she gets knocked down (off the bed) and I may have disappointed her with actions she still has stuck by me. Through and through. But today I’m not talking about these rare friendships. I’m talking about the more common friendships.
Here is some friends that she used to know. Obviously I’m still around, but the other drifters are not. (Notice her awesome 90’s hairstyle, it was soon after this that she made the bold move to make the cut.)


Not to be a total dampener. But Pipi used to and does have a lot of friends. However sometimes especially when being here she doesn’t here from Ellie, Ted and Lambie, her “bffl” that are at home. While she often thinks of them, she wonders if they think of her at all. In Pipi’s life in general she has had quite a lot of friends, and a few that seemed like best friends, for life, sadly though Robin and Jolie and Pipi drifted apart for whatever reason that may be (other cabbage patch kids). And Pipi now has the worry that might also happen with her new best friends. When it seems so good in the now, why would you want to change it and risk it. Pipi is tired of having people walk in and out of her life, as touching and wonderful as those times may be while they last. She blames herself at times for perhaps being a poor friend, but it also may have been time for them to move on, as they were packed away in bags and put in the shed for storage.


And ofcourse this feels appropriate.


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