Pipi’s story of returning home

Meet Pipi.


She moved to London 2 years ago.

At first she felt really out of her comfort zone but after being here a while she got used to it. She started knowing the place. She began making new friends, friends she hopes that are for life.

Here she is with Ian, Poppi and puff who she has been best friends with for up to a year and a half now.


They share very similar interests and on top of spending lots of time together and making fabulous memories they also clicked right away due to them all being in very similar situations and not knowing anyone. For the first time, she was forced out of her comfort zone and to make new friends quickly, having to open up and let her friends see the real her. She hasn’t felt so herself around friends ever before.
Now it is time for Pipi to return home. She is sad because she has made such incredible friends and memories since being here. She doesn’t know if she will see her best friends again because they will live in different places now. And she knows the very high chances of them drifting apart.
Luckily, though, for Pipi she is a cabbage patch kid and all of her friends are coming home in the suitcase, me on the other hand, not so lucky.

If I were a toy, you bet I’d be a cabbage patch kid.


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