3am thoughts 

Can’t sleep. Laying in bed thinking. It has finally dawned on me. I’m going home. I can’t get it straight in my head. 

What steps do we take? Where do we go? It feels so strange. Silly questions that shouldn’t matter rattle in my head, unsettling questions of what it will be like. 

Like where are we flying into? And how are we going to get from the airport? After two amazing years, can you really just get on the train from Sydney airport and get off at Cardiff station… Is that it? Is that the reality to it all… Or will we fly into Newcastle after visiting Cairns and who will meet us there and where? And then where will we go? Do we go our seperate ways to see our families? Or do we take turns, and stay together, one family at a time. And then where do we sleep that night and the next few nights? Do we stay together, or sleep seperately for the first time in 18 months. Where will home be? Because I feel like home will still be in London where we have created our happy memories. At least it will be there until the next chapter. But what about until that chapter begins? I’d prefer to sleep in a tent together then awkwardly lay in my old room like I’ve gone back in time by two years. Going back, going “home”. 

Strange thoughts of insomnia. 


6 thoughts on “3am thoughts 

  1. You’ll definitely experience reverse culture shock, but the amazing news is you can always leave again. I know what you mean about it feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. The hardest thing will be going back and realizing that all the people you knew have moved on with their lives – this seems like an obvious statement, but just like you’ve changed, so have they and sometimes relationships don’t make it through that. I hope the transition goes smoothly for you! Cheers!

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    1. Yeah definitely worried about it! Once we get set up again it will be ok, but that transition period I’m worried about, and I hate the thought of going back to do what I used to do. But once I finish Uni in a year we can leave somewhere again! Thanks!!!


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