Bohinj- Slovenia

Day 15
We made it through the night and somehow both managed to turn direction and wake up facing the other way around. We had to many things we wanted to do while in Bohinj, that mostly involved having energy and hiking, but with our bodies struggling we just tried our best with what we had. 

Around midday we got the bus to the other side of the lake where a small town is and went to the super market. We then went and laid in the sun and watched the paragliders and the beautiful Bohinj. Even though we might not have felt up going to soca valley, and hiking some hills in Triglav national park, we still weren’t missing out on the beauty. 

We hired a kayak and Cody struggled to understand how to use it because we kept going around in circles. We soon realised that I was sitting too far at the front, and I told Cody not to row so much in the water but to out the oar just a little bit in. Soon we got better, but only have about 20minutes left of our hour hire. It still was great to be on the lake.

We got the bus into the bigger town so Cody could get some cough syrup and we went to a bigger supermarket that had gluten free bread and so we bought some dinner and breakfast supplies. 

We got the bus back to Zlatorog camp where we were staying and had our dinner. I had a nap and Cody read his book. Cody ended up finishing his book which he was sad about and also continued coughing up buckets of mucous.
Day 16
We did it. We made it. Our last night of camping done and dusted and we had made it through out camping holiday. During the night Cody coughed up some mucous onto the outside of our tent which was nice to wake up to. 

We got up and fed the ducks by the lake and enjoyed our final morning of the beauty before getting on the bus and heading back to Ljubljana. 

We got lunch in Ljubljana and then went and rested in our B&B. A pillow and mattress felt so good. 

 I watched a whole heap of Jerome Jarre videos on YouTube and it basically just got me keen for more travelling with his contagious smile.  But for now it was time for a rest and to go back to work and to old London Town. And like jerome said, not because I have work, but because I get to work. I get to go travel and then I also get to return to a place I enjoy, with friends and  family I love and a job I passion. 

Life is great and it doesn’t come easy, but I love working hard for this journey I am on.



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