Bled- Slovenia

Day 12- Bled, Slovenia
The superficial worst of camping I have found is that lack of ability to charge your technology and as a result the cameras, phones, iPads were always at a high of 20%. But the biggest frustration of travelling, where ever you are or however you are going, is when a tragedy happens at home and you are so far away from it. And sadly, on this morning our poor connection of wifi informed us of such. Through spouts of wifi I was informed by my mum, that her bestfriends husband who had been missing had devastatingly taken his own life. The desire for home doesn’t get much stronger then this. Your brain starts to tell you that if you could somehow be there that you could wrap all the pain up and hug it all and hold it all. Unfortunately instead you send your love, thoughts and prayers, and that has to be enough. You then begin to look at all the beauty you are surrounded by the real meanings and importance of life returns, the importance you always know that at times sits at the back of your mind accelerates to the front of your mind. You breathe differently, you see differently, you feel differently and you think differently. And through it all your heart pounds a heaviness. Each beat it aches a notion of sending love through the universe to your loved ones at home, every single beat sends love and strength to those in need.

Whilst you beat love, you return to your living, your present and you embrace every breath. Our breaths led to heavy panting as we hiked a mountain. The view at the top was magical. Bled really is this captivating place. It isn’t just the scenery; it’s the breeze on your back, the sun pouring on your skin. It is hard to explain how beautiful this place is, but it is one of the most beautiful there is.

On the peak we met two Canadians discussing poorly behaved children in schools and I immediately knew they were talking about the renowned London schooling. We joined conversation on this note and spent a long time talking and recommending places. This is definitely one of my favourite things about travel; the people you meet. It’s like doing a random Google search to try and learn all sorts of things but instead you simply learn it from other people’s experiences and life choices. Travellers are such inspiring people and each such a great source of information. 

We were told about a 7 euro all you can eat barbecue on that night at a jazz hostel and so dinner for our poor asses was booked in. 

We spent most of the day exploring peaks, sitting and talking. We watched the rain come over the lake and the sun continue to shine. 
We eventually headed back down the mountain and went for a swim in the lake. We watched the swans and the ducks and a dog almost attack a swan and the swans partner swan get aggressive back. We walked across the road to our campsite, which happens to be one of the best we had been to. 
After changing we got ready to walk to the town which was about 30 minutes walk as we were on the opposite side of the lake. On our walk we came across some Germans up a tree. Literally a tree that had no branches and they had somehow shimmied there way up. They were setting up a rope swing into the lake so we stayed and watched their absurd fearlessness. They called themselves “team full risk”, which on this day with the mornings events didn’t overly sit well with me. However they managed to perform the task they had set and built the swing. They were hard parkourers and had a ridiculous amount of strength for such slim bodies. One resembled a fish with every muscle and bone being highlighted to look like gills. They swang into the water doing backflips and the other shimmied up the tree to retrieve the rope when it would fling into the branches. After a while we continued our walk to the town and found the Jazz hostel and met with our mountain friends from earlier. The dinner was delicious and big, the beers were good and the company was even better. We went to a few bars, I mean why not when wine is 1 euro and then eventually around midnight begun our walk back to our campsite. 

Day 13
The noise of a child talking incessantly was how we woke. And so the day begun. Cody had woken to not feeling his best and so it was a slower morning. We had begun eating super market food for meals and so we had our breakfast. 

Today we planned on going to Vintgar Gorje and to walk up to Bled castle. We took it pretty easy and slowly walked around the lake, stopping to feed the ducks and spend some time with one duck in particular that I name Barney. 

We discussed how we wish we could be a duck one day. Conversations like this often occur when you are in each other’s company for long periods of time.

 As we arrived up to bled castle we realised there was no view from there, or at least from where we stood not wanting to pay to enter the castle. And so we decided to walk to the Gorge from the castle as the bus did not come for another hour. We begun our walk thinking it was close until we got the other map out and realised the first map was not in proportion at all and we had a long way to go. We also realised that out of the two routes we had by far chosen the longest and most confusing. Half way though the journey we met one of the guys from the night before we had met at one of the hostel bars. I had played jenga with him and 3 others, jenga in which when your take out a piece you do what is written on it. We continued the walk with him as he was also going to Vintgar Gorje, only he has chosen the quicker route of the two. 

Vintgar Gorje was beautiful, amazingly clear water and a fantastic walk. It was fun getting to know our new friend Louis and as it was quite the journey there and back, definitely made for a better day. 

The walk back overlooking all the mountainside and going through the small towns of houses was great. The houses being so cute and quaint. There were many apple trees on the way back to the town in which we enjoyed. We went to the supermarket for lunch getting meats and crackers and then with Lewis walked around half way back to our campsite to where you can swim in the lake. By now it was about 6pm and we parted ways. Back at the campsite we sat outside our tent and made friends with German couple that was set up next to us. Again learning so much through fellow travellers and foreigners we spent the night talking and sharing stories.
Day 14
We woke again to the noise of that one particular child. I wasn’t a big fan of such child. But it was 10am and probably time to rise to the world. We both weren’t feeling the best today, expected after exchanging weakness and illness in the confines of a tent. We packed up our site as today we were going west of Bled to another lake area called Bohinj. 

Bonhinj is where the Triglav national park is, many natural water falls, hikes up many mountains and close by the soca valley. It was about an hour bus ride to Bohinj and we camped at a site on the other side of the lake from the town, similarly to Bled. Bohinj Lake on the other hand though is about 6 times the size of Lake Bled and they said the walk to the town from our side would take about 1 and a half hours. We didn’t need to go to town today but when we would in future we would do so by bus. After setting up we had lunch at the camps restuarant. Splurging on the money if you will. It was well priced and for burger and chips, chicken fillet and chips and a ceaser salad, all very larger portions it only came to 20 euro. 

After lunch we headed for the cable car. The cable car takes you up the mountain, also a ski resort in winter, 28km to Vogel mountain. It was 1500 metres high and a pretty crazy and scary height. It was so much colder up there and the weather also changed and we watched the rain and storm come over the lake into our direction. I was already pretty ill, suffering from gluten, I’m guessing a build up over small contaminations, and so was suffering from vertigo and quite dizzy. Being at such a height while having vertigo isn’t the most relaxing feeling. 

The view was incredible. Seeing all the mountains of Triglav national park and in the distance the highest being Triglav at a massive 2800m high, taking 3 days to climb. 

We spent some time up the mountain exploring what would be in winter the ski resort. After a hot chocolate we headed back down on the cable car as duty called and it was time to escape the rain for a nap.
We relaxed for the night and struggled with our illnesses, Cody often coughing up a lung with his intense cough. And me spinning in a world of gluten.  We felt sorry for ourselves and had a good moan.


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