Budapest- Hungary

Day 8​

It was a cold night. You know when it’s cold so you stiffen up, yeah it was like that which meant for a achey body in the morning. I was excited for the free breakfast at this campsite. The campsite was only about 20 minute bus ride from the city but still seemed like we were in the Hungarian woods. It was so traditional and quite a family populated and motor home based site. The campsite used to be an old tram line. At breakfast I realised the gluten free was minimal to the point of cheese, pepperoni, and hot chocolate. Cody ate for 2. 

We got ready for our day at szegit music festival. We got the bus into the city and had my breakfast and Cody somehow convinced me it wasn’t that far to walk to szegit. We began our walk and about 2 hours later we arrived at the actual event; after confusion with island and a few beers/cider. By the way it’s ridiculously cheap like 1-2 pound for a beer. Happy days.

Szegit is on an island and is a fucking massive music festival, like the biggest and best I’ve ever been to. We hardly spent any time watching the actual music because there was so much to do. We met up with Sam, a mate of Codys from England and the day begun. There was like a beach area, that we went to first and I got a bucket full of cocktail for like 10 pound. We watched some of Jake Bugg a English musician and then went some more exploring. We found these weird massive rocking horse type things and jammed with some Africans. We went into the illuminarium which was like the inside of a jumping castle/tent that was really big and eerie. Like there is so much to do and everyone just needs to go. Rihanna played but we didn’t see too much of her but you could kind of here her all over the site. There was tents sets up everywhere from all the people staying. Cody and I probably spent like 60 pound on a lot of drink and food. It was a fantastic day and I can’t even really begin to explain it.
It ended up turning freezing and because Cody and I had only the sheet back at the campsite we got matching szegit jumpers. We got a taxi back to our camp around 2am. It was a massive day but so good.

More to come on szegit later.

Day 9

I slept in. A lot. I woke to the world about 130pm… Yeah I had a good sleep. Still was really cold but the jumpers helped. Cody woke up about 9am and had breakfast and spent the day reading-which he is in love with. We went into town eventually and had lunch. It was the most delicious lunch. And like 15 pound for both of us, food and drinks. I had this chicken dish that has like garlic sour cream and cheese covered on it. Delicious Hungary. We met up with Sam again and I bought some sleeping bags for us, which were much needed. We went to margitszegit, another island, and rented a bike that holds 4 people.

 We explored around and had some fun and eventually it was dinner time. We ended up eating at this extremely traditional Hungarian place. I ordered chicken medallions with sesame and sweet chilli sauce, unfortunately it came as schnitzels so I had to scrape all the breading off. We had a pretty early night and headed back to camp, and I was delirious with laughter. Cody couldn’t stop doing these disgusting farts, like the worst he has ever done and he does extremely putrid farts. Nobody likes putrid farts in confined tents.
Day 10 

We got up around 9am after a great sleep with our jumpers and sleeping bags. This cold weather isn’t normal for this time of year apparently but during the day isn’t too bad.

After breakfast we came across some cool Aussies that had bought a motor home and were travelling around and talked to them for a while. We headed into the city and had some lunch in preparation for our free walking tour at 230pm. There was a massive turn out and like 4 guides so everyone got split into groups. It was a really good tour and covered a fair bit of ground seeing as we hadn’t really seen the “tourist” sites up until now. She recommended the ruin bars in the Jewish district so after the tour we headed for that area, via the Danube shoe memorial. 

We found one like garden bar and had drinks there, like a 4 pound mojito winning! And also around the corner we found a GLUTEN FREE BAKERY OMG WHATTTTT. Exactly! It isn’t the best I’ve tasted but was still pretty awesome to have some savoury. In the Jewish district there are many ruin bars and one called “simple” in English. It has all this second hand furniture and random stuff in it and was so cool and quirky and a really good vibe. Like it wasn’t just hipsters and indie people where you just end up feeling uncomfortable because of their ‘too cool for fun’ attitude, it was literally every traveller or local all mashed up together. We wished we had found this district so much earlier but unfortunately it was the last night and 930pm was our last bus back to the woods of our camp so we rushed for dinner and onto the bus.

Day 11
430am the alarm went off. The pack up of the tent began for our 5am taxi to the bus terminal at Nepliget. 6am we begun our journey to Bled. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as a bus to Bled, or even Slovenia. We had originally booked the bus from Budapest to Ljubljana but they had emailed me a few days before to say they had cancelled the second part of the bus ride and instead we would be terminating in Zagreb. At first we didn’t even know where Zagreb was, but it turns out it was in Croatia. Not exactly what we wanted. So after arriving in Zagreb at midday we bought more tickets to continue our journey on. Finally arriving in Ljubljana at 330. Another short stop over and organising the bus to Bled for 5pm. 

At last we arrived after our 12 hour journey to Bled town. We got a taxi to the site however as soon as we sat down inside the taxi and they went to pull out BAM they smacked into another car. This was after Cody yelling “car car car car car”. So back out of the taxi again, and waiting for another taxi. 

Finally, we actually did make it to camp bled and it really was well worth the wait. So beautiful the scenery and even the camp site too. We set up our little tent and what little tent we have compared to all the massive set ups and tribes of families. We went down to the lake for a swim but by now it’s like 8pm and it was pretty cold. So we just had some cider and beers and watched the lightning strike in the distance.

Cody doesn’t know how he got this massive bruise.

We had dinner at the campsite restuarant which wasn’t very good and over priced and that’s when we realised how we really need to stop spending and start panicking over finances. Or I start panicking anyway. With a week left of our trip, our remaining money seems ok, however it also has to include rent and our lack of income until September so we realised we were at a point where we need to budget ridiculously and even doing so still be short. As long as rent can be covered we can somehow eat the fat we had put on since being on our trip for meals when we get back to London. And on that note we went to sleep.


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