Athens- Greece

Day 6

Slept good. Sooo good. Bed. Air conditioning. Nice. Not waking from the sunlight or music nice. Part of the package for the hotel was ofcourse a free buffet breakfast.
It was good, like all the fruits, hot breakfasts, cereal, the normal spread of a awesome feed. 

After breakfast we got the metro in direction of Acropolis. We went to Acropolis and checked it out however it cost 20 euro each so we didn’t go in. We decided that we had seen the colosseum in Rome and seeing as we didn’t know much about Acropolis and that we could see it from our hotel we wanted to save the money. We went and explored the Arch of Hadrian and the temple of Zeus though. Same thing right..

We walked around Plaka old town and up to the markets at monaskirit, basically it was the same thing over and over. We had lunch about 4pm, and I had meatballs and rice while Cody had chicken gyros and wine lots of wine.

Walking back through little Middle East like area on the way to our hotel we went through this area of cool graffiti everywhere.

Back at the hotel it was time for happy hour, swim nap. Early night enjoying hotel comfort.
Day 7

Another good sleep and another free buffet breakfast. 

We were recommended to go to Vouliagmeni lake so we caught a taxi there as we got a bit lost in translation. To get into the lake it was 12 euro which we thought was a bit steep. That was until it turned out to be one of the best experiences ever. The lake contained the fish that eat your dead skin. Like when you go to Bali and there are the fish tanks for your feet. But here they ate your whole body as you swam. It was the weirdest, ticklish, squirmiest, grossest experience but so much fun. We spent only 2 hours there as we had to get back to Athens for our flight. 

We got the bus and metro back and had a quick lunch on our rooftop enjoying that last of our great hotel. We ate a lot, especially Cody who basically ate both mine and his meal. We rushed through bag drop and to the boarding gate as the metro to the airport was slower then we thought. On the flight there were so many Australians probably all going to szegit. On arrival we figured out our route to Zugliget Niche Camping. We set up our tent in the freezing cold and got ready for a awfully unexpected cold night. We had only packed for heat, so a sheet and our one pair of jeans and cardigan was all we had. 


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