Santorini- Greece

Day 4- Santorini 
We slept great at our new campsite, seeing as we didn’t have clubs on either side of us. The previous day we had booked a tour of the volcano and hot springs. So we had some breakfast and had a bit of an explore before the tour began. We came across a cat and a mouse, which I told myself that they were playing and that they were friends. But the cat definitely had an upper hand against the 3 day old mouse that was shrieking and being thrown around. 

We walked down the infamous Santorini steps and past the donkeys, so many donkeys, really an unnecessary amount of donkeys. They didn’t seem overly happy but they did seem well fed, fingers crossed anyway. 

At the bottom of the hill is the port and we boarded our boat. First it took us to the hot springs. We swam out to near the shore where there was like brown, muddy water which were the hotsprings. They were more like warm springs with some bubbles popping up in some places. There were little shacks next to the muddy water and kind of just reminded us of a dam in outback Australia. Next we docked at the volcano where we hiked up for 30 minutes. Hiking is definitely not one of my favourite things to do, nor is it a strong point. Especially on tiny rocks they seem to just slide you back. But I got my hump of a body up that volcano. Last eruption was in 1950 which was small, however the first was in 1570 and basically killed all the native humans of the islands. We learnt a few other things and Cody translated it all to me when walking back down, me being allowed question time if I raised my hand. Back on board the boat we headed back to the old port. 

I got the cable car up the mountain for 5 euro, while Cody wanted to save it for beer money and he ran up. We got on the bus to Oia, took picture of the blue topped churches and attempted to walk “20 minutes” to the beach. 20 minutes in we were still very far from water and decided to turn around. Cody almost got attacked by a friendly looking husky and now fears dogs. I did tell him it said beware. I guess the husky didn’t like closeup pictures. 

 Back on the bus to Fira main town and we swam in our pool. Playing all sorts of games and always looking the coolest in the pool while I half drown. 

We got ready for date night and went to a restaurant for the sunset that was right by the edge, sounds fancy and ritzy but somehow if you stay at budget camping you get 15% off so we were all for it. Cocktails and Greek salad by the beautiful Greek sunset is always a happy hour. We waltzed around and then headed back to the poolside for some reading and writing like the true party animals we are. 

Day 4

Waking from the campsite we went to look for a cheap breakfast. Cody went to a bakery and I got a frappe from McDonald’s for breakfast. We headed to the bus stop as the plan for the day was to head to a black sand beach called Pervolos beach.

 We had recommendations from our old housemates to try out a beach pool bar called Jojos. We went there and it was like a bar with sun beds and seating all around a nice pool. The requirement was to buy a drink and food so we spent the day there like under the umbrella. We read and I had a nap and we swam and relaxed. With beers and cocktails called a pornstar which was a delicious passionfruit drink. The service was shit house but we were used to that now from Greece. 

We spent majority of the day there and when the dj started playing EDM we left. Back at our campsite pool we continued relaxing and reading and called it a night. 

Day 5

We were up early to pack up our home and caught the 10am bus to port.

For breakfast at the port I got omelette and Cody had sandwiches. We had 2 hours to kill so used the wifi and I tried to set up WordPress and here we are. On the ferry we slept and read and it was a pretty long journey. About 6 hours later we arrived to Athens! We got the metro to hotel novus. Hotel Novus I found on and was 100 pound for 2 nights. It was a four star hotel and originally was supposed to be 400 pound! It was so nice, and not just because we had been camping previously. We laid down on our comfy bed with air conditioning and soaked it all up. We later went up to our rooftop pool for dinner. 20 minuted into sitting I realised we had the view of the Acropolis all lit up and in view. Fancy huh. Dinner was the most delicious thing ever. I had the most tender, juicy chicken ever and Cody had what. he said was the best cheeseburger he has had since leaving Australia. And wine. We had wine.


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