Mykonos- Greek islands

Day 0- Mykonos 

I love flying out of Gatwick. The easiness of just getting a half hour bus ride basically door to door to the station at Clapham junction to then just get a half hour train to the airport is so cheap, so quick and so easy (compared to the other airports).

Landing to a big glowing pink sun over the water and barren landscape was pretty magical. But the beauty snapped right up when the Australian accent we hadn’t heard for so long was in ear shot, and God is that a smack in a face to remember. Mykonos definitely is a interesting place.

 We arrived to Paraga beach hostel and pitched our tent. Which turns out to be an awesome size and the self inflating mattresses are also not too bad. Looking out from sitting on the mattresses in the tent to a fabulous view was sensational. However when we arrived it was dark and we were hungry. We went down to Paraga beach right next door to the hostel and went to Taros tavern. We got a 500ml wine for 7 euro to share and I had the traditional Greek chicken Souvlaki and Cod got some chicken marinated mustard thing. It was pretty delicious and affordable for the beach front. 

We went for a stroll up the hill to where a club was that looked kind of like it was exclusive and matched the already slight breaking bad theme that Mykonos had going on (the landscape especially). Lots of people stood randomly out the front and around and the music played really loud (that you could hear it from our campsite on the other side of the bay) but it seemed dead empty inside.

 We eventually went to the tent and attempted a night of sleep that more or less resulted in a broken sleep of drunk loud tourists and awful loud techno music to all hours of the morning. However plus side was that it wasn’t too hot and the mattress wasn’t too hard. The mosquitos were unkind though.

Day 1
The early rise or at least the hundredth wake up that was finally a half suitable time to get up was at 7am. We ventured to the breakfast area which was with the lovely view. The view was probably the best part about it. The juice was over priced and the eggs were disturbing. However bacon was good and crisps with your breakfasts always makes you smile even if they do end up being gross. 

We walked the 5 minutes to paradise beach which was very early still for the hungover community we found ourselves in. So it was kind of like a tumble weed scenario. We walked past a dusty car with ‘Mykonos was lit’ written into the windscreen, if that helps to build your imagination. 

We got ready to catch the public bus into old town. We sat waiting in the breaking bad scene for probably half an hour before the bus came. Only to shortly and abruptly have to request the bus to pull over due to Cody realising he left his camera somewhere. Running about a kilometre and a half back to the tumble weed mini market was not a highlight but finding the camera was definitely a good time. We then waited yet again another half hour for finally the bus that would take us into old town. The bus driver arrived smoking his cigarettes in the bus which walking up and down the aisles checking for rubbish. You know as you do.
At about midday we arrived after what you could say was a bit of a disappointing morning (apart from the scenery) to the beautiful old town. The maze of white alleyways with the cute blue borders was fun to explore. The jewellery was so pretty and cool and I fell in love with a thousand things that my budgeting broke ass can’t buy, but it was still nice to admire the handmade jewellery. Cody really enjoyed the singlets, he especially fancied the “Mykonos fucks Ibiza” and “party, dance, sleep, drink, repeat- paradise beach” – could hardly stop him from buying all of them. 

We stopped for coffee and toilet at what you would think was more expansive due to its fantastic location on the ocean side opposite the famous windmills. I receive my cold coffee looking like it was some spectacular cocktail. And I used the toilet doing what in Greece is required of not flushing your toilet paper but instead putting it in the bin.

We continued exploring and admiring, Cody taking hundreds of photos of basically every animal we walk past and eventually found a little beach. I bought some swimmers and a towel as I had forgotten to wear mine, but also because my 4 year old swimmers that I own are probably due for a new friend to replace them. European swim wear isn’t the easiest to buy unless you enjoy g string wear and really padded bikini tops. But I made do with what I could find and tried to apply it to the body. 

With beers and cigars we sat on the beach tanning, chatting and swimming for hours. 
Later we left to find an affordable cocktail bar where we continued the 18 day happy hour, that’s 432 consecutive happy hours in a row Cody tells me now as I write this. 

Arriving back at paradise beach was when the comedy show begun for the afternoon as we begun people watching. Greeted by the lovely body of a 40 year old women wearing a fluorescent full piece swim wear with a g string backside patch. She was lit. 
The swim in the ocean was beautiful and the Greek sunsets definitely live up to expectations.
Cody got gyros for dinner and I got the gyros plate. 

Day 2
Tiesto played all night. Probably stopped around 4am to when we woke to arguments between South Americans.

We got up at about 930am and the plan today was to get quad bikes. However by the time we figured out what we wanted to do it was already about 12pm and we were starving so we decided against it and instead spend the day in Paraga. I had meatballs that were so tender and delicate and delicious and Cody got lamb Mousakka. We had it at the same place we went the first night, on the beach. 
After lunch we went to sit on one of the sun beds directly out the front of the restuarant, half thinking it was free because we thought they were owned by the restuarant but not really sure. The staff people spoke to everyone around us but us, so we presumed we were fine. Until an hour later a man came up and said we owed him 30 euro for the two sun beds, we explained we had not been told and he said how we had seen him speak to other people. We said we didn’t eaves drop and that he isn’t doing a very good job if he just presumes that we know how much it costs. He ended up saying “if your madam wasn’t here we wouldn’t be having this conversation and that if I see you around here it won’t end well for you” to Cody. Despite the obscene hospitality we ended up paying to keep it simple and so we could continue to lay there. We spent most of our day at the expensive sun bed. For a while we went to roast fellow Paraga hostel customers and try and understand the strange atmosphere. With loud Electric Dance music playing non stop we soon left the roast session and went for a walk around the headland. There are so many strange deserted buildings that I guess are left from the Greek recession, where they just have abandoned these giant seafront homes. That night we spent time reading and I wrote this. It was a little bit of bliss inside a club.

Paraga beach 

One of the many abandoned homes

Day 3
We finally got a better night sleep and basically slept right through without any disturbances. We packed up our camp site and got on the bus heading for new port where our ferry was picking us up from. We kind of thought seeing as it was the port where all the tourists come and go from that there would be a cafe for breakfast and an area to explore. Upon arrival we realised that the buildings were there, however they too were abandoned. So instead of squatting for 3 hours we went back around to the old port, Mykonos town for breakfast and to spend our last few hours.

Back at the New Port we boarded Seajets champion 1 destination Thira Santorini.
 Three hours or so later we arrived to the port of Santorini! We met with Santorini camping transport, the camping site we were going to stay at and they brought us around. Santorini camping is located 350m walk from the town, has a pool with a nice relaxed vibe and actual decent music playing. We set our home up and went exploring. The view was incredible. The sunset amazing. It’s like a beautiful dream. 

We had dinner and shared wine and continued to wander, coming across a shisha bar called ‘two brothers’. With 2 for 1 cocktails and shisha on offer we spent a few hours there. The vibe there was great, with awesome music and the waitress complimented my ‘pikachhu’ like voice. My head begun to ache from the tobacco and sugar and so it was bed time for me. 


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